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A stylistic representation of an Irano-Mesopotamian winged bull at the entrance of the industrial garden township, Pirojshanagar, at Gate 7 from the Eastern Express Highway. The bull’s role in Near Eastern art is that of a Sentinel. Circa: 6th century BCE.
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Imagine the visionary founder, Ardeshir Burjorji Godrej, taking a giant leap forward into time, pausing to listen to the quickening heartbeats of his country freed from British rule, self-respecting through self-reliance, awakening to its global destiny.

Imagine him, then, who had begun his career in a humble, Rs. 20 a month shed at Lalbaug, transported to the industrial garden township at Vikhroli, walking through the stately avenues of Ashoka trees according him nature’s guard of honour, between large airy manufacturing plants, among bowers of bougainvillaea and an abundance of crotons, and lawns and gurgling fountains, and greenery all around giving the impression of a botanical garden or nature preserve rather than an industrial estate.

Imagine also Ardeshir’s younger brother Pirojsha, the great consolidator, who too dared to dream ? his sense of fulfilment that the wasteland he, with the help of his youngest son Naval, had transformed into an Eden of Contentment, was poised now for unprecedented growth, as if his sons and grandsons, and great grandchildren had caught fire from the spark of his passion, and were inspired by the sweeping winds of economic change, headier and more invigorating than the winds of freedom in his struggling years.

Pirojshanagar, so aptly named, is today like a giant stirring, ever growing, to meet the awesome challenges of the 21st century.

Text: B. K. Karanjia
Photographs : Kersi M. Pooniwala