The two people most closely responsible
for the foundation and guidance of the Udyachal Schools were Soonu Godrej and Jai Godrej. Both were simple, loving, caring and compassionate about the welfare and education of the Godrej employees’ families.

It is with great honour and love that we celebrated Science Day on March 11, the birth anniversary of Soonuben, with a project show, ‘The Spectrum’. Each class selected a topic, researched on it, and displayed a variety of charts and models enhancing their creative and artistic skills.

Adi Godrej appreciates the project show, 'The Spectrum',
on Science Day, march 11, 2002.

The topics were:
>> Air — The Breath of Life
>> Forests — The Lungs of the Earth
>> Energy — The Soul of Life
>> Water — The Essence of Life
Legends — The Invention of Science

We also celebrated English Day in memory of dear Jaiben. On her 85th birth anniversary, which fell on March 22, we students and teachers remembered all the values and goodness Jaiben stood for and lived. The programme included a skit from the panchatantra, visual depicts of Sarojini Naidu’s poems, extracts from Shakespeare’s plays, and many such items.

Annual manuscripts released by Dr. Rati Godrej (centre)
on English Day, March 22, 2002.

The annual manuscripts of Udyachal, ‘The Green Planet’ and ‘Earthcare, Our Concern’, were also released by members of the Godrej family.

Evangeline Ranjan
Udyachal High School


  Eradicate Violence And Enrich Nature

Mother Nature in itself is a great gift to mankind. We must ensure that it is nurtured to its fullest so that it remains and retains its grandeur till eternity.

It is indeed painful to note that violence is marring the beauty of nature in so many different ways. Due to the sudden spurt of violence, we find that disastrous harm is caused, which is irreparable.

It should be one’s endeavour to eradicate violence from its roots. It can only be surely uprooted if conscious efforts are made at all levels. If we go to the root cause of violence, we will find that from the early days a child learns to play with pistols and swords which eventually results into polluting his mind from infancy itself. To top it all, movies and television create such a disastrous effect on the tender mind that, when one becomes an adult, these past episodes culminate into criminal tendencies.

We must ensure that rather than indulging in all these activities which directly or indirectly lead towards violence, we must encourage the young generation to realise and reap the benefits of nature.

What bountiful beauty nature has bestowed on Mother Earth! Imagine the large beautiful green forests, the lush green meadows, the sprawling beds of flowers and the non-stop flowing of streams. The very imagination of these gives an individual a feeling of nostalgia. Have we ever seen something as beautiful as a bumble bee drinking nectar from various flowers?

Nature must be enriched at all costs so that it keeps giving her best to the whole human race and, on the other hand, violence must be eradicated at all costs so that it gets diminished to save the human race. Nature is a gift to us by our ancestors and we have no right to cause any harm to it. There is a saying: ‘‘Nature never did betray the heart that loved her, whilst violence will lead only to the roads of disaster.’’

In the end it is worth quoting a small poem by Lord Byron:

‘‘There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is a society, where none intrudes,
By the deep Sea, and music in its roar,
I love not Man the less, but Nature more.’’

Name: Akshat Raizada*
Class: IX Std.
School: C.S.I. Ewart
Matriculation School, Chennai.
* Son of Neel Kamal Raizada, Manager, Project Management Cell, Chennai Branch.



There is one special occasion parents and children of Udyachal Primary School look forward to each year: The annual project. It is the Project method we follow, which indicates group effort of the entire class: planning, researching, gathering (information and materials), classifying, synthesizing, pooling ideas and sharing talents.

There were three project displays this year: Safety (Standard II), Trade and Transport (Standard III) and Environment (Standard IV).




Children worked in groups in four different areas.
>> Safety at home.
>> Safety on the road.
>> Safety in railways and airways.

>> Safety at work.

Each class had different experiences. We had a fire-fighting display by our Safety Department, we set up a Traffic Park in the school, we saw men at work climbing heights using different equipment, we even evacuated the entire school in a mock drill!

A Traffic Park in school? Yes, we made it possible.

The children also made rules to follow for safety. Values added yet another dimension — children discussed about offering seats to elders, saving the lives of others, keeping our surroundings clean, reducing noise pollution.

All their work was put up on display boards. Children themselves explained to the parents, other visitors and children from other schools. A brief stage programme, including a skit, songs and poems was organised for parents.

Marie, Usha, Gulshan and Diana worked hard to make this year’s project a success.



The sub-topics handled were:

>> Occupations.
>> Small scale and large scale industries.
>> Roadways and waterways.
Railways and airways.

Crosswords were solved, stories were read, grammar exercises and arithmetic based on transportation made learning fun.

Snehalata, Lovika, Navaz and Helga sure made learning fun. Each of them even devised a computer presentation for the parents.



Children make their point about us 2-legged
creatures saving the 4-legged ones.
Chief Guest Bittu Sahgal listens intently.

Teachers Anita, Uma, Jasmine, Scarlet and Meera brainstormed in the initial stages to take a decision on tackling this vast topic in the best possible manner.

Preparing children for life is what learning all about.

We thought of working on it as follows:
>> Animals
>> Plants
>> Natural Resources
>> Pollution
>> Man

A lot of learning, a lot of sharing, a lot of hard work is what went on throughout. Immense satisfaction was the end result. We hope this method of learning spreads throughout our country.

Saving the Tiger : The how's and why's.

Binaifer Chhoga
Udyachal Primary School


Sometimes you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial...
But above the clouds there’s
a bright blue sky
To make your tears a smile.
As you travel along life’s way
With its many ups and downs,
Remember that it’s true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns!
Happiness comes at times to all,
But sadness comes unbidden...
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.
So when your friends are feeling down
And troubles round them piled...
The world will seem a better place
And all because YOU SMILED!

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