Do not forget to live...

First I was dying to come to this world.
Then I was dying to walk and talk
Then I was dying to run
When I was put in school, I was dying to finish and go to college.
When I was in college I was dying to finish my studies.
When I finished my studies, I was dying to get a job.
When I got the job, I was dying to get married.
When I got married, I was dying to get a child.
When I got the child, I was dying to get a promotion.
When I got the promotion, I was dying to get a higher promotion.
When I reached the limit, I was dying to retire.
When I retired, I was dying to become a child again.
In the process of dying, I forgot to live...!

F. S. Correa
BaaN Implementation Team


Bread and butter, salt and pepper, Computers and .... Godrej Computer Workstations.

In today’s market where competitors fall over each other to catch the ever-fleeting customer attention, where Coke and Pepsi are determined to make each other thanda, where customer gets pampered with more and more innovative solutions to needs he never realised he had?how can we be far behind?

A one-stop shop is the need of the day, whether it be an HSBC offering a complete solution for all financial services or the corner petrol pump where not only can you fill up your car, but also refill your weekly grocery quota!

Keeping this in mind, the Office Furniture Division participated in a 6-week IT carnival at ‘Computer Point? one of the largest retail chains for IT products. The carnival was from February 18 to March 30 having a different attraction for both, potential computer buyers and manufacturers.

The carnival was a good opportunity to not only showcase our entire range of computer furniture, but also provide the convenience of buying the computer and the computer workstation from the same shop at the same time.

The details of this unique carnival are as under:

Period Details
18th ?3rd Feb  Collect free gifts without any buying
25th Feb ?nd March  Give your Computer free maintenance
4th-9th March  Get Computer literate at no cost
11th-16th March  Kids Corner
18th-23rd March  Tech Show
25th-30th March  Corporate Week

Khushnuma H. Khumbatta
Office Furniture Division



Patna Branch went live on BaaN on February 6, 2002. The BaaN Project
leader, F.S. Correa, offered prayers invoking God’s blessings. Thereafter, our oldest dealer, Guddu Babu, Bharat Commercial Agencies, honoured us by breaking the traditional coconut and cutting the ribbon. No sooner, Branch Manager Vipin Kumar S. switched on the PC buttons, the order-booking employees were on their toes to book orders.

Guddu Babu was so impressed with BaaN, that he instantly placed an order for 100 Storwels, apart from other items.

Sudeep Limaye
Patna Branch



March 1, 2002 was a significant day for Bhubaneshwar Branch, for the Branch went live on BaaN.

Sudip Sircar, Branch Manager, booking the first order on BaaN with the help of Sanjay Jaggi, BaaN trainer. Seen in the background are (left) S. C. Parida, Branch Accountant and (right) B. J. Das, Administration Officer.

Our Branch Pandit, D. Rajguru, Sales Executive, Storage Solutions Group, performed a small pooja. Sudip Sircar, Branch Manager, inaugurated the System with the traditional breaking of the coconut and the first order was booked with the assistance of Sanjay Jaggi, our BaaN trainer, who expressed his satisfaction at the progress of employees and the successful implementation of the system. Sweets were distributed to all present.

The Sales team is happy that the status of orders and availability of stocks at Plant and nearby branches would now be available at their fingertips.

B. J. Das
Bhubaneshwar Branch



Tavinder Singh | Rajeev Mallick

Prima Division’s (Copier Business Group)Tavinder Singh, Sales Consultant (Government) and Rajeev Mallick, Deputy Business Manager (Government), Mumbai, have bagged a prestigious order of 195 Godrej Photocopiers (Model: G-8715z+) from the Maharashtra Police. The value of the order is Rs. 1,56,15,600/-. This order has given us a cutting edge in all other Government orders, particularly from the Police Departments, nation-wide. After the successful execution of this landmark order, Godrej has been awarded many bulk orders from the Police Department in the last financial year.

This is also a new record for Prima Division as this is the second-largest order ever in the Photocopier industry in India, and the record remains unbeaten.

Atul A. Natu
Prima Division, Copier Business Group


Two sides of our lives ?The best and the worst!

Leonardo daVinci, the famous painter, was on a mission to paint his masterpiece, ‘‘The Last Supper’’. It took him seven full years to complete the job. He started with the painting of Jesus and then went on to add the 12 Apostles (the chosen disciples). Each character took him six months. Before painting the character, he would carefully select the most appropriate person, make him sit down and then go on with the painting.

For painting the picture of Jesus, he was looking for a young, handsome, serene, innocent looking type of face, which he got without much difficulty. After six years he completed the portrayal of Jesus and that of 11 Apostles. In the seventh year Leonardo was looking out for the face of Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Jesus. He wanted a face that was rugged, suspicious angry, unrepentant, and the like. After searching in vain for six months, he was told that there was a person in the prison at Milan who was condemned to death. When Leonardo met him, the person was approved without a second thought. With the special permission of the king, he was brought to Rome and for the next six months he was sitting in front of Leonardo. The man sat without any trace of repentance, day in and day out for six months.

Finally, when the picture was completed, the man broke down. ‘‘Sir,’’ he said, ‘‘Have you not recognised me in these last six months as you were painting my face?’’ Leonardo sincerely could not locate him. ‘‘About seven years back, at this very place, I had sat down for six months and you painted the picture of Jesus!’’

Each one of us had joined this Company full of life, enthusiasm and promise. A promise to give our best, not counting the rewards. We did give our best during those six months of probation. Once we were confirmed, a sort of lethargy, indiscipline and arrogance entered our lives. We did not mind occasionally back-answering our superiors, taking leave without informing, coming late without any botheration. It is not too late to be back to our original self and not just promise to give our best, but also give our best in our attitude, action and behaviour. Do you want to be portrayed as Jesus or Judas? The choice is very much yours!

F. S. Correa
BaaN Implementation Centre


Salad cutting competition

Locks Division sponsored a Salad cutting competition at Pragati Kendra on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March, 2002. This was a unique way of showing respect and giving a forum to our ladies to show their talent. This was the first time that an internal company had come forward to sponsor an event in Pragati Kendra.

Hon’ble Chief Guest Mrs. Smita Crishna (centre) judging the salad cutting competition at Pragati Kendra on March 8, 2002. She is surrounded by personnel of Locks Division and of Pragati Kendra.

Mrs. Smita Crishna was the Hon’ble Chief Guest. Approximately 50 ladies took part in this competition. Most participants who were using Godrej Knives and Scissors were happy about the product quality.

Along with prizes for the winners, a Participation Certification was given to all the ladies. This competition was a successful event because of the hard work and initiative taken by the Sales and Marketing Department of Mumbai Locks Division.


Customer care cell

Locks Division has started a Customer Care Cell in the Service Department.

With a firm belief that service can begin even before sales happen, we have now provided call center facilities for customers to directly interact with the Company, 24 hours a day.

Through this service, customer and company are mutually benefited, as the Customer Care Cell can monitor the service facilities in eight major cities. The Closed-Loop model used in the entire set-up helps us to undertake an activity within a specific time frame as promised to the customer. Each customer gets a feeling of personalised service being provided to him directly from the Company, thereby increasing his confidence in the brand.

Dean Noronha
Locks Division


Craft Competition

In our continued efforts to promote Scissors, Locks Division conducted Craft Competitions in different schools across the country. The Scissors were used by students to exhibit their creativity.

E. K. Sahadevan, Locks Division (Maharashtra Branch), giving away the prize to the winner of the craft competition held on March 15, 2002 at Stella Maris School, Pune. On his right is Sister Jyothi, the School’s Principal and on his left are Sharad Nikam (Pune Branch) and Swagata Das (Marketing) of Locks Division.

  • Godrej Locks (Pune Branch) held a Craft Competition at Stella Maris School on 15th March, 2002. Approximately 400 students in the age group of 3 to 10 years participated with great zeal. The students were given discount coupons, which could be reimbursed at the retailers shop. Our staff at Pune and Dealer M/s. Guru Sales jointly worked towards the success of this competition, which created good publicity and brand promotion for our products and the Company.

Winners were awarded prizes and a participation certificate given to all the students. The competitions were highly appreciated by the teaching staff and students.

Ashish Kamat
Locks Division


Another Milestone

Against stiff international competition, the Locks Division bagged the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) order worth Rs.2.35 crores. This order is of great importance as for the first time, Godrej and IOCL will work together in a unique area. Our Locks will be used on oil tankers to eliminate pilferage and any chances of adulteration during transport of fuel.

Sheer hard work, perseverance and innovation of the Institutional Cell of Locks Division, has made this possible.

B. K. Rajkumar
Locks Division


Raids on counterfeit Godrej locks

In order to tackle the problem of counterfeit Godrej Locks sold by retailers, an agency was appointed to conduct raids in various parts of the country after investigating counterfeit Godrej Locks. The persons involved in selling counterfeit Godrej Locks were arrested and goods confiscated. This has sent a clear message to the trade about our intention in controlling this menace, thereby increasing our sale.

Dean Noronha
Locks Division