Off The Leash

Conveniently forgetting the inconvenient, is a common human failing; seeking to avenge the unfortunate and the unfair, is another. History, which no doubt records man’s failings as it does his achievements, cannot afford to fall victim to either. That would be unforgivable, sinning against the Holy Ghost. Today, when there appears to be a national upsurge to rewriting our history, the Principal of Udyachal High School, considered to be a model school in the metropolis, gives expression to her concern about this in this issue.


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Fortunately, no less learned a person than our President, Shri K.R. Narayanan, has put this explosive problem in its proper perspective in a well-thought-out message to the 62nd Indian History Congress, held recently in Bhopal. Extracts from this message are also published in this issue.

In his message the President recalls the eminent scholar Eric Hobsbawm’s warning to historians who, departing from the truth, reduce history to fiction: "I used to think that the profession of history, unlike that of, say, nuclear physics, could at least do no harm. Now I know it can. Our studies can turn into bomb factories… This state of history affects us in two ways. We have a responsibility to historical facts in general and for criticizing the politico-ideological abuse of history in particular".

In his gentle way the President also warns against the abuse of history for political or ideological purposes. Here, again, he quotes the great statesman Bismarck, the iron Chancellor of Germany, who argued: "The politician has not to revenge what has happened, but ensure that it does not happen again".

Truth is the leash. The writing of history more than any other human endeavour cannot be let off this leash.

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A reader queries, "Why Snail Mail?" Readers themselves could provide the answer.

Mr. B.K.Karanjia