Capitalising the Service Edge

Godrej Appliances Ltd. (GAL) launched an initiative to complement the technical expertise of its Service team with the softer side of behavioural training. For the first time, franchisee technicians were given inputs on Customer Oriented Behaviour and taught on how to use excellent Service as the competitive edge for the organisation. It was a 2-day module, facilitated by Team Productivity Consultants, delivered across the country covering more than a hundred technicians in six batches.



Launch of Partnership 2000 at GAL

Partnership 2000 initiative…the Performance & Leadership Culture building programme was launched in GAL on April 1.

GAL is making all efforts using this strategic business initiative towards bringing a turnaround in the organisation. The journey began on January 9, 2001 with the foundation programme, Leading Change (LC), in which the Top Team explored at a deeper level finding out their personal Noble Purpose, Vision, Values and Goals in life. It was a 3-day intensive module. The same model was then followed to have a deeper introspection for the organisation as a whole. The team worked together for three days in a seminar to identify the strategic direction for the organisation and came up with a Vision, "Redefining Quality of Life" and mission, "Fostering the spirit of Freedom through lifestyle products and services".

The following are the Values on which we at GAL would like to base our living:

  • Speed
  • Innovation

  • Care

  • Integrity

  • Environment

The team identified the Opportunities and Threats for GAL and came up with action plans to march ahead successfully towards a transformation. This was followed by three days inputs on Performance Management System (PMS) and Performance Assessment Training (PAT).

Subsequently, almost 80 per cent of the ‘T?band went through the same inputs on LC, PMS and PAT, which geared up GAL to launch Partnership 2000 on April 1.

Partnership 2000 (P2K) at GAL has a CORE Team comprising Steering Team and Change Team.

Steering Team is responsible for:

  • Strategic Direction

  • Drive

  • Decisions

The Steering Team members comprise E.J. Kalwachia, B.J. Wadia, S.K. Ghatak, P.K. Gandhi, G. Sunderraman, Vibha Anoop (G&B), Karuna Chavan, Rajesh Vaidya and Uday Desai.

Change Team is responsible for:

  • Tactical support

  • Operational support

  • Inputs (Feedback, proposal, suggestions, etc.) to Steering Team for better decisions

The Change Team members comprise Sangeeta Acharya, Sudip Chakraborty, Joydeep Nag, Anurag Jain, Adi Sarma, Hiten Ghelani, Hussain Plumber, Pankaj Abhyankar, Sanjay Gandhi, Kayomars Doomasia, Milon Chatterjee, Francis Joseph Sahayaraj, F.R. Bava adam, A.B. Das (Mohali), Kiran Suryawanshi (Wing), Jay Acharya, N.P. Shukla and Sarosh Patel.

These teams were responsible for steering P2K forward at GAL. They prepared an elaborate Communication module, which was rolled out to all employees in Management Staff across the country before April 15, describing P2K and its relevance to GAL. The roll-outs were handled at a very serious level and a Top Team member was present to ensure its effectiveness.

The PMS module coverage for all will be done by May. The rest of the Management Staff will be covered in the foundation programme of LC in July/August.

Thus GAL is all set to capitalise on this initiative and align the hands, minds and souls of all its employees for a common organisational purpose and march ahead towards a turnaround.

Karuna Chavan
Human Resources Department

Team Dynamics

We at GAL have no dearth of talent. We do have some of the best brains in this field working for us, and a lot of individual potential and talent. However, it is also important to harness all individual skills and talent that we have and guide performance in a common accepted direction.

The core issue, here, is teamwork and team dynamics. A team may be a group of champions, but it needs to be a group of winners to win and move ahead. Synergies created by good teamwork defeat all forces. With the above objective, the Outdoor Management Development Programme for Management staff of Manufacturing Department was launched. It was thought that, now that the manufacturing lines have become very flexible and we have gone from 7 to 20 SKUs (stock keeping units), there is going to be greater demand and stress on each individual and the team to pull up together and contribute. Today, our manufacturing team is geared up to supply any model of any colour on short notice.

An employee doing a parallel rope walk during the
Outdoor Management Development Programme.

In the past we have undertaken various Training initiatives in the above area. However, we felt it necessary to refresh them with new vigour in an innovative, new and practical manner. While addressing the training needs, it is equally relevant to bring in experimental learning/refreshment.

The theme of the training programme revolved around the basic fundamentals of team dynamics i.e. to create high performance teams that work smoothly, cheerfully and with commitment towards the set goals. To instill the feeling of being a team player with spirit: ‘‘Yes, I am a team player, I am important to my team and I am contributing’’. It was a unique opportunity for participants to practically experience the spirit of TRUST AND FAITH in team players, and to take part in team-building activities. It was a different kind of programme. There were no classroom sessions. All the participants were divided in two groups, which were maintained throughout the two days. Both the groups were given lots of outdoor activities like raft building, treasure hunt, cob webs, pitching up the tent, puzzles to solve, parallel rope walk, trust fall, blind sheep, etc. After doing a particular activity, the groups would get-together and discuss what they learnt. Thus knowledge was shared and reinforced. Inputs were given in areas of teambuilding, communication, leadership, interpersonal relationship, etc.

The programme was well received by all participants.

H. R. Team: (Uday Desai, N. P. Shukla,
Sarosh Patel and Jay Acharya)


Environment: The Core Value of Godrej Appliances
Congratulations!! GAL team.

GAL emerged successful at the end of four days of Re-certification audit by TUV for its Environment Management System (ISO 14001). The system has been recommended for Re-certification without Non-conformance.

In the three years of EMS (Environmental Management System) implementation, GAL not only contributed to the noble cause of Environment protection, but also got monetary benefits. The money invested for different programmes fetched us returns, which were to the tune of three times the investments made.

Energy and other material resource conservation has been the focus of implementation of EMS. As part of this, a comprehensive Energy audit was conducted by Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) last year.

GAL has also developed competencies in the area of training in the past few years. EMS awareness, Legal awareness and Internal Auditors training sessions were conducted in-house by GAL team members for different units of Godrej & Boyce.

GAL has decided to implement P2K initiative, for which the Top executives worked on Vision, Mission and Values. It is significant to note that Environment has come out as one of the core values, which we cherish. This reinforces the core value of Care and Concern for the Environment for which the House of Godrej is known.

Pradeep P. Pande & Sachin B. Rahalkar
Management Representatives, EMS (ISO 14001)


Service Training Milestones: 2001-2002

  • Appointed as leading training partners for CFC-free refrigeration service training by HIDECOR project in India (Bi-lateral project between Switzerland and India).

  • Successfully conducted 25 training workshops for Godrej Service technicians and freelancers (Small & Medium Enterprises) on CFC-free refrigeration system servicing and retrofitting that covered over 600 technicians.

  • Developed a special portable gas-charging station (with weighing method) for accurate charging of refrigerant into a refrigeration system.
  • Working for revising the RAC trade syllabus of ITI for incorporating the changes in technology.

  • Launched Godrej-ITI collaborative training programmes in select 50 industrial training institutes of the country.

  • Donated Frost-free refrigerators to select industrial training institutes for better understanding of latest technology by instructors and students who are prospective technicians.
  • Organised customer relations programmes for technicians engaged by franchisees.
  • Selected to work for monitoring of CFC-free refrigeration service training programmes by training institutes in six major states of the country.
  • Over 2,500 participants have trained through various service training programmes.
  • Product familiarisation for agents of the call centre of Lawkim Pvt. Ltd.