March - April 2002   
  Vol. 2 No.2   
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Lively, Readable

Congratulations to you and your team on a well produced journal.
It’s a lively and readable publication with several articles one looks forward to reading.
Looking at the quality of the contents and the presentation, it’s obvious a considerable amount of work has gone into it.
With best wishes,

Jehangir R. Patel
(Editor, Parsiana)
P.S. I’m glad Rashna has put her journalism course to good use.



Locksmith Par Excellence

Enclosed is a letter of 1972 I found in my old papers.
It may be of interest to the readers of ‘Change?
We perhaps did not give a change to KOKO because of feeling of Insecurity! Or was it pure Jealousy we humans harbour?
With Best Wishes.
(K. R. Hathi)


Sewania Stud Farm

Dear Sirs,
This is in connection with the numbered locks manufactured by you and used by us on the farm. The code of the lock was arranged at 444.

We had put it to a very peculiar use, that is, for locking our pet monkey named KOKO in his cage.

Most people have great faith and completely rely on anything manufactured by Godrej but our monkey completely separated each part by his own tricks. For your interest we are sending the parts as found by us by a separate parcel.

This is just for your information and is not in the nature of a complaint. If you are interested in getting your locks tested, our monkey will do so most willingly and gratis. Hoping to hear from you and thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Sewania Stud Farm,
(S. N. Nanabhai), Manager


Wanted ?Children’s Page

I went through the various informative articles of Change, Jan.-Feb. 2002. While I enjoyed reading all of them, for me, the article on Know Your Founders ?Gardener of the Earth simply overshadowed all the others. It was fascinating to note that in 1956, we manufactured 17 lakh ballot boxes. Today, with the manpower, technology and machines available with us it may not be a big thing. But in 1956, surely it was a very great achievement.

The fact that in 1946, the good safes were brought back, rectified for the defective compound and given back free of charge to the customers, shows the deep commitment to the customers by the great Consolidator, as you have aptly put it. He lived the Quality policy which we profess today.

I was struck by the thoughts and goals of Mrs. Evangeline Ranjan, the Principal of Udyachal School, when she referred to the great China Wall and said that we should change from within. How true!

Commenting on, ‘‘Why women are afraid of the judiciary’’ by Rinki Roy Bhattacharya, I wish to add a piece of information. Recently I had been to Shillong in Meghalaya and learnt that in the local Khasi community, there is a great joy when a daughter is born because the ancestral rights are given to the daughters. In fact, in this community, the youngest daughter gets the maximum ancestral benefits.

May I suggest that you reserve a page for children. While it will not bring down the standard of your magazine, it will be good for a change after reading high standard articles.

F. S. Correa
BaaN Implementation Team


Honesty ?Best policy

I would like to express my gratitude to our Gardener, Mr. Ramesh B. Karande (Salary Code: 11081), for his honesty.

On January 4, 2002, while swiping my identity card on the ground floor of Godrej Bhavan, one of my gold earrings, which was in my bag, fell out as it got entangled in the chain of the card.

Mr. Karande found the earring and immediately handed it over to our Security Staff, Mr. Sheikh Chiraguddin Ahmed (Salary Code: 91733), who in turn handed it over to me on enquiring with him.

Many thanks to Mr. Karande and to Mr. Sheikh for their honesty.
Judith Gomes
Mumbai Branch


The Editor,
I have been receiving very good feedback from many readers telephonically appreciating the Quality and Contents of the magazine and also conveying that they are eagerly awaiting the forthcoming issues.

General feedback received, including mine, is detailed below:
1. There should be more weightage/focus for Godrej happenings/ events/ achievements/ new launches, etc.
2. There should be only ONE interview in each issue.
3. Each issue should have a special report on one Division or Department of GODREJ.
4. Humour/Laughter section.
5. Report on our Residential colonies/New Projects/Pragati Kendra and its welfare projects.
In my opinion there should be more focus on Godrej in CHANGE, which in turn will form a strong chain between Godrej and its valued readers.
I wish you all the very best for future issues.

Nariman Bacha
Personnel Administration
Plant 11

Editor’s response

The points made by Mr. Nariman Bacha are well taken. Before I deal with each one of them separately, I would like to refer to the concept note (written way back in 1994) that has been the basis of what CHANGE has become.

The note pointed out that Godrej have special concerns like family planning, environmental degradation, scientific management, the preservation of heritage, and many others. A house magazine has to cover these concerns adequately, not only with a view to present the true image of a socially conscious company, living up to the concept of trusteeship of wealth, but to create the necessary awareness of these burning issues among the staff and, with increase in circulation, also among business associates and others.

The note added (this point was particularly appreciated by our former Chairman, the late Sohrab P. Godrej): “Since, apart from Godrej, there are other Indian companies like Tatas, Mafatlals, Bajajs, etc., which to a greater or less degree share these concerns, the publication would project these also, doing justice to the corporate sector as a whole and building goodwill within its various parts. The idea would be to project not only Godrej, but to what extent these concerns motivate Indian industry as a whole. Industrial organisations like the Confederation of Indian Industry, the various Chambers of Commerce, etc. could be invited to contribute in so far as these concerns matter to them. The publication therefore would be rendering service to Godrej and Indian industry as a whole, and would be in the nature of national service.?br>
Now, as to the points raised by Mr. Bacha:

1. There is to our mind sufficient focus on Godrej happenings. Whatever is sent to us by Branch Managers, Regional Managers and other staff members is published. The point is that in spite of our letter, especially addressed to managers, clearly stating the time schedule, the material reaches us too late for including in the issue for which it is meant.
Incidentally, in the second issue of CHANGE, 38 of the 60 (including cover) pages have been devoted to Godrej. Corporate Concerns cover 7 pages and General Articles are on the remaining 12 pages.

2. One interview would have been okay in a monthly as was originally planned. We find normally two necessary for adequate coverage in a bi-monthly. So long as each is on a separate theme. In this issue, in order to cover the Udyachal School, we had a third interview with its newly appointed Principal.

3. Instead of a dull report on each Division or Department, we contact, by turn, heads of important Divisions to get a more personalised and so more interesting “inside?report.

4. We wholeheartedly agree that more humour is needed, more light reading. The change should be apparent from this issue onwards.

5. Reports on our residential colonies/new projects/Pragati Kendra and its welfare projects are being adequately dealt with and will continue to be so.
We appreciate this letter because, above everything else, we want to interact with our readers. To enable us to do this more effectively, we repeat our appeal to readers to write to us.