March - April 2002   
  Vol. 2 No.2   
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Marc Fourcade
Marc Fourcade

In Godrej

Indian industrialists are today increasingly seeking the help of foreign management consultants to improve the quality and quantum of their production. But MARC FOURCADE, now acting as Consultant to Godrej, is one of the very few such consultants who, besides being a devout believer in Indian philosophy and values, finds much in them to hone his management skills. He talks as enthusiastically of Lord Vishnu as he does of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and is a passionate believer in the Brahma Kumari movement.


A charming presence, an agile mind, a communicator to the manner born, speaking English fluently but with a delightful French accent, ebullient and amiable, he greets us with a warm handshake and a smile. The latter recalls to me Naval Godrej’s fabled “seductive smile”, and when I mention this, he lets out a loud guffaw and then continues seriously.

Interviewed by B. K. Karanjia