Winners All!

Inter-school group-singing contest.
(L to R): Shruti Yelve, Sujit Seshadri, Aditi Atmasiddhi, Prajakta Zanje, Sanjay Sidharthan and Arul Mudaliyar (Absent in Photo — Prachi Tamhankar and Megha Thokale). Charusheela, newly elected Corporator from Bhandup area, gives away the trophy.


Born To Swim

Master Renil Somanadhan (son of M.R. Somanadhan, Plant 10), Std. II (Marie Teacher). Renil won quite a few prizes in swimming from three organisations: Back Stroke from the Rotary Club, Mulund; Back Stroke, Free Style and Breast Stroke from the Swimmer’s Club, Belgaum and Back Stroke from the Mumbai YMCA. Keep it up, Renil!



Debojit Chakraborty and Bhavna Rao bagged 2nd place at the Inter-school Quiz Competition.



Kavya Bhat bagged the 2nd prize at the Inter-school Memory Competition.



Middle School Scholarship holders (Std. IV)

Sagar Harinarayan


Purvi Mehta


High School Scholarship holders (Std. VII)

Hanoz Chhoga



Reshma Menon



Do You Wish To Be A Good Manager?

Have you ever seen an insect trapped in a jar? It first begins to fly upwards, continuously coming up against the lid and falling back. It then flies lower and lower so that it does not have to bang against the lid or the sides, and then finally it comes to rest on the bottom, maybe never to fly again.

In any given situation, all of us do come up against such lids. Take a moment to retrospect and see if you have come up against one of these.

There are two ways to overcome such situations. One is to lift the lid yourself, another is to allow someone else to lift the lid for you.

Let me give you an example. In the Bible, we have the lives of two great Kings of Israel recorded. One was King Saul and the other King David. Well, both were anointed and appointed by God. While King Saul had ‘lids’ like ‘fear, impatience, impulsiveness, pride, jealousy and anger’, King David had ‘lids’ like ‘no family support, enemies who wanted to kill him, a poor shepherds’ background, no experience and youthfulness’.

King Saul allowed his ‘lids’ to limit and restrict him from being an efficient Leader. He hid while his deputy had to face the people. He was unable to encourage or influence his army. He did not have a strategy or vision. He would not accept the fact that all was not well. He was proud and reckless. Finally, he let his jealousy and anger get the better of him, declaring war when he was not ready.

On the other hand, King David was a ‘lid lifter’.

1. Though his father and brothers showed contempt for him, he showed valour, confidence and faith in himself in battle. He lifted the lid of inexperience for himself. ‘‘To grow the organisation, grow the leader.’’

2. David lifted the lid for others close to him.

As soon as a Leader lifts his own lid, incredible things begin to happen. David’s leadership lifted the lid of fear off the whole army, they had a resounding victory.

‘‘A Leader encourages others with his words and actions’’.

3. It takes commitment to back up words with actions.

King David led his army from the front.

‘‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and act accordingly’’.

4. David allowed Jonathan, "King Saul’s Heir Apparent’’, to be his lid-lifter. Anyone would have expected Jonathan to be David’s worst enemy. But David trusted him as a true friend and valued his advise. Jonathan, in return, made a covenant with him to save his life. David allowed others to lift his lid. ‘‘Lid-lifters give up (sacrifice) so that others can go up’’.

A few tips on good Leadership:

(1) Every person has the potential to become a leader.

(2) Every leader has lids.

(3) Some lids can be lifted by the leader.

(4) A few leaders let others lift lids in their lives.

(5) Leaders must be aware of the facts of life.

(This is the first part of a series of articles on Leadership)

Evangeline Ranjan,
Udayachal High School