Jan. - Feb. 2002   
  Vol. 2 No.1   
Message from J. N. Godrej
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Ethiopian Folklore

The Folkloric Group of Ethiopian National Theatre performed 
to a packed audience at the Udyachal Primary School Auditorium on Sunday, October 28, 2001.
The event was organised by Mr. Terry D’Souza, Regional Director, and Ms. Renu Prithiani, Liaison Officer of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for the Godrej parivaar at Mrs. Pheroza Godrej’s request.

We were pleasantly surprised to have H. E. Mr. Negash Kibret, Ambassador of Ethiopia, and Mr. Demche Atnafu, Counsellor at the Ethiopian Embassy, as members of the audience. Also, keeping the late Mr. Sohrab P. Godrej’s desire to share whatever we could, we invited Sister Joaquina and her group of undeprivileged children from the Parksite area to view this show with us.

The programme of music and dance by the 10-member group took us through the ethnic tribal dances and folk songs of tribes such as the Wello, Konso, Elkare, Tigrag, Somali, Afar, Garage, Oromo and Wolaita. Getachew Gesi, head of the Ethiopian folkloric emsemble to India, provided insights into their culture.

Several Ethiopian students were also present, who gave an impromptu performance as they joined the dancers towards the end of the programme.







  Dassera-Diwali function

The annual Dassera-Diwali celebrations were once again held 
this year on 25th October, 2001 at the Udyachal High School ground.

Our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Jamshyd Godrej accompanied by Mrs. Pheroza Godrej, Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Smita Crishna, Mr. Rishad Naoroji, Ms. Nisaba Godrej and Freyan Crishna, were received to a standing ovation by a huge gathering of Workers and Staff members of the Company. The function was well organised and beautifully conducted in Hindi by Kaustubh Shukla and his team from Toolings Division. A special word of praise for Mugdha Shah, who stole the show in eloquent poetic Hindi in her role as M.C. amidst continuous applause. Her’s and Kaustubh Shukla’s fluency of the language were evident in its narration.

The function began with the singing of ‘‘Bande-Mataram’’ by our School children, followed by garlanding of portraits of past Directors and presentation of bouquets to Godrej family members.

Mr. Kaustubh Shukla, Vice-President of Toolings Division, speaking in Hindi, welcomed the guests and felicitated the Godrej family members on behalf of the Godrej ‘Parivar? He informed that the Company was passing through a difficult phase and the economic and political situation across the globe was passing through a challenging time. There was an economic down-trend, leading to poor economic growth compelling reduction in manpower in certain Companies and disinvestments in Public Sector units.

Our Company, too, has been affected by this economic down-trend, but he was hopeful of Godrej coming out successfully under the leadership of Mr. Jamshyd Godrej. Every employee in the organisation will have to devote himself to this task. As the saying goes, ‘‘If you do what you did, you will get what you want’’, but in today’s scenario the proverb has undergone a change and reads: ‘‘If you do what you did, you will get LESS than what you got’’. The reason for this being Competition. The ‘mantras?of today are, ‘‘faster, better, cheaper, and he who wins rules the land’’.

Mr. Shukla strongly advised a change in attitude. ‘‘I will consider this Company as my own Company, only then will I constantly be on the lookout for ways and means which will pave the way for its growth. I will treat all my customers with the respect and affection that I show to guests who visit my house’’. It is only this attitude which will make all our customers to come back to us repeatedly.

He further spoke on ‘‘Saving’’/‘‘Cost Conservation’’. One was expected to take care of the facilities provided by the Company, which in turn would benefit the Company.

Godrej could be compared to a lake filled to its brim with water, and the present economic down-trend is drying up this lake. We have before us two options. Either we blame the general economic down-trend, or we put in greater effort to rid the lake of the stones and mud which will bring prosperity to our Company.
Mr. Shukla was of the firm opinion, that ‘‘if a few of us take the lead and march ahead towards our goal, we will find a big group following us to support us in our endeavour’’.

Mr. Dinesh Parulekar also spoke on the occasion.

He was followed by Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, who continued to maintain the trend and spoke in Hindi. He reciprocated the sentiments voiced by Mr. Shukla, and appealed to one and all to stand together and work harder in these difficult times, which have suddenly been thrust upon us in the last six weeks. Competition will always be there, whether it be from multinational companies or from within. But competition of any kind has got to be met and there is no reason why we can’t overcome it.

The function concluded with Shri Haldenkar proposing a vote of thanks to the Godrej family, which was followed by the National Anthem.



Felicitations to Shri Bajirao Jadhav, Senior Cook in our Vikhroli Canteen, who is to be complimented on his display of honesty.
On October 1, 2001, Shri Jadhav found a gold ring in the kitchen, worth Rs.3,500/- which later was discovered to belong to Sr. Bearer, Shri Shekhar Deshmukh. Duty-bound, Jadhav handed over the ring to the Canteen Manager.
Top Management in a letter dated October 6, 2001 to Shri Jadhav expressed their appreciation at the exemplary display of character which has made everyone in the Company proud of him.




Children the world over enjoy playing hide-and-seek. Being innovative, many of them called this fun-game, ‘‘i-spice’’.

We all know that children just love to have fun, particularly after the age of six, and so Godrej have introduced for the first time in the market, the space to grow called ‘‘i-space’’. The product was launched at Crossroads, Mumbai, on 2nd November, 2001 by Mr. J. N. Godrej, Chairman & Managing Director of Godrej & Boyce.

Godrej i-space is a modern product developed with the combined effort of Integrated Design for Marketability and Manufacturing (IDMM), a project initiated by Stanford University, U.S.A., and Godrej & Boyce. It involved carrying a structured need identification exercise followed by extensive studies resulting in the final ‘‘Customer Driven Design’’.

There’s nothing more exciting than having to grow up with 
i-space beautifully crafted furniture. This 3 ‘S?System which fulfills a child’s three wishes of study, sleep and store, is to them like a three-in-one ice-cream, and is built for Juniors and Seniors. It is small enough to fit in the corner of a room, and large enough to encompass a child’s universe having their own space to grow up as individuals with love and affection. The space provided can easily be termed a child’s favourite companion and is ideal for growth and development till the child attains adulthood.


The adjustable study area is specially made for a child to concentrate and develop his/her mind. It can accommodate a computer and a key-board pull-out tray, so designed to bring fun and knowledge with the child’s advancing years. Study seems like play. The child can use racks and soft-boards to create an imaginative ambience.


An essential of a child’s early life is a good night’s healthy sleep. The i-space bed is designed not only to fit the child, but also furnished to provide absolute comfort with dense mesh which gives strength to the sleeping area. The fabric accessories ensure that the child sleeps safe and sound like a baby.
There is even a twin-bed system for ‘‘hamara-do’’, which is not only space-saving but also aesthetically appealing. Being on their own, here the two have great fun which helps in creating a close bond between them.


i-space helps the child to learn the importance of organising his/her things and properly utilising the space at the child’s disposal. It’s user-friendly with a roomy clothes-hanger area, spacious book shelf or bookcase, pull-out rack system allowing easier accessibility from two sides, and deep drawers. Automatically the child will be in-charge of personal items in the privacy of his/her own occupancy, where the overall space required for this 3 ‘S?System is only:

1810 m.m. (H) ?2130 m.m. (W) ?842 m.m. (D).

Children will cling to this beautifully crafted furniture from i-space, which have been designed to bring fun and learning to your child’s growing up years. From 6 to 14 it’s a cradle of comfort and fun.

If you wish to seek (not hide and seek) further information, don’t hesitate to call Storwel Division, Plant 13 at 596 1700/1800 or on i-space log on to www. godrejispace.com or e-mail ispace@godrej.com, where the house of Godrej will be only too happy to satisfy you and your children.



Exhibition at Kolkatta: Furniture and Interior Fair 2001

Furniture and Interior Fair 2001 (Locks Division)

An exhibition, ‘‘Furniture and Interior 
Fair 2001’’ was organised at the Ice Skating Rink, Kolkatta, from 9th to 13th August, 2001.

There was an overwhelming response from the leading Architects and Builders and the general public, all of whom showed a keen interest in our Ultra Range of Locks. The 24-hour helpline offered by our distributor OFFINEED, who also managed the stall at the exhibition, was well appreciated by the customers.

‘‘Anand Bazaar Patrika’’ reported the superiority of our Ultra Locks in their columns of 10th August. Ultra were also featured on ETV news telecast on 18th August.

The exhibition resulted in good publicity for Godrej Locks as a whole.

Ashish Kamat
(Kolkatta Br.)

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.


Smile for you

Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin,
When he smiled I realised I’d passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile then I realized its worth.
A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected.
Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!



Godrej manufactured the first Forklift truck in India almost 
four decades ago. Since then Material Handling Equipment Division (MHED) has been providing the Indian industry with trucks that make handling simpler and thereby improve productivity.

We, at MHED, believe that the only thing that is permanent in this everchanging world is CHANGE, and MHED has always been at the forefront in providing new and innovative products to suit the varying needs of our customers. This, probably, best explains the numerous types of attachments; each specifically designed to satisfy a specialised requirement of our customers, offered with our forklifts.

The latest in this quest is the GX series of Diesel, Electric and LPG-powered forklift trucks, which was launched recently. Built to international standards, these are rated highly on all fronts, including simplicity of operation, maintenance, reliability and economies of function, and have been well received by the industry. The GX series combines technology that is indigenous, user-friendly and environment friendly. These forklift trucks have minimal emission, noise and vibrations ?all of which make these products a class apart from their competitors. The GX series Diesel Forklifts with Pyroban Flame Protection System are specially designed to operate in hazardous areas found in industries like aerosoles, agrochemicals, oil and gas exploration, military explosives, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Godrej MHED offers for storage and warehouse applications, a complete range of equipment like manual and battery powered Pallet rucks and Stackers, and Very Narrow Aisle Trucks, besides Access Equipment and Port/Cargo Handling Equipment.

MHED has tied up with some of the best names in the material handling equipment industry like Crown of Germany, Genie of U.S.A., Fantuzzi and Lifter of Italy.

MHED is exploring the export market aggressively and also making consistent efforts to further improve our productivity. In this regard, we have identified the two thrust areas of Production and Service.

Under the consultancy of Mr. Takao Kasahara, a Japanese expert, we have reduced the man-hours required for the assembly of our GX series forklifts and for the machining of certain key components by 80% and 50% respectively. By the use of IOL Analysis and Time and Motion study of our processes, we have rationalised our production lines and minimised the unproductive movements of our workers and goods. This has led to less fatigue amongst our workers, reduction in production time and inventory, hence an increase in productivity.

Godrej MHED has the widest service network in the country as compared to its competitors. In order to further improve, we undertake Comprehensive Service Contracts for fleet owner customers.

We always keep in mind that ‘Customer is the King?

Sandeep Singh

(MHE Division-Plant 16)



To commemorate the 28th death anniversary of Pirojsha B. Godrej, a ‘Jashan?ceremony was held on 1st December, 2001 at the Udyachal Primary School, Vikhroli.


  Spot welding guards

Theoretically Spot Welding Machines should not emit spatters. But in practice, sometimes even after controlling the machine parameters, spatters are seen. 

These spatters are not only harmful for the welder, but also for other people near the machine. Therefore, it was felt that some type of guards should be provided to restrict the spatters.

After realising the hazard associated with these welding machines, three workers from our plant took the initiative in developing guards to restrict the spatters: Deepak P. Panchal, Manilal C. Panchal and Sanil Kumar P. Nair.

After implementation of their ideas it was found that the flow of spatters were restricted to a large extent.

Their efforts and innovation are greatly appreciated.


  Milestone at Bhopal Branch

October 1, 2001 was an important day in the life of Bhopal Branch with the inauguration of the new BaaN system.
We were given a thorough training by Mr. F. S. Correa, who not only taught us, but also ensured that we retain what we had learnt by conducting a quiz after every session. The entire training proved very useful.

Preeti Mathew
Bhopal Branch



Crude & Vacuum Columns for Chennai Petro Chemicals Ltd.

It was a red-letter day on 7th November, 2001 when Precision Equipment Division (PED) delivered super-large size Crude & Vacuum Columns to Chennai Petro Chemicals Ltd. in Tamil Nadu. It was last year that PED received a prestigious order for designing, manufacturing, supply, transport and erection of these gigantic Columns to be delivered in a single piece to the jetty for onward transportation by barge to Chennai Port. The dimensions and weights given below gives you some idea of the skill required to undertake such a job.

(a) Atmospheric Column (Eqpt. No. 201-Cl)
4.55 metre dia. ?*6.43 metre dia. ?62.3 metre L weighing 215 tons.
(b) Vacuum Column (Eqpt. No. 201-C7)
6.5 metre dia. ?*7.1 metre dia. ?47.6 metre L weighing 250 tons.
*Overall height including nozzles and other external attachments.

The Vacuum Column was made in PED’s heavy engineering workshop at Plant 19 in Vikhroli, and was transported on multi-axle hydraulic trailers to the jetty. The Atmospheric Column was built in Plant 15. Its manufacture was not without its problems, one of them being while taking it out through our Highway gate because of its length, where it was likely to pull down some trees around the Construction Dept. Warehouse. Keeping this in mind, it was taken upto the gate without the skirt portion after the hydro-test, and the skirt had to be welded to the equipment at the gate.


Both the columns are scheduled to reach Chennai Port by the end of this year and will be erected for the first time in a single piece. It will be for the first time in South India that such large-size Columns will be delivered and erected and that too in one single piece.

Every refiner wants to maximise his gain by converting low value products to high value ones. In any oil refinery, the crude and vacuum columns are probably the tallest and heaviest structures around which a cluster of equipment and piping are formed.

Vijay Pimparkar
PE Division





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